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Enterprise Anti-Spam Virus Filtering Service

Unfortunately, spam is becoming such a large problem today, people spend more time searching through their email than actually reading the ones they need to.

We understand, and are now able to offer a high-quality spam solution.

Using Hard Hat Hosting’s spam filtering service we have seen dramatic decreases to the number of spam emails our spam filtered customers have to put up with. Better yet, Hard Hat Hosting’s Spam service has one of the industries’ lowest false positive rates. This means the chances of having a legitimate business email marked as spam are the lowest of all spam services available.

So, if you’re as tired of spam as the rest of us, take advantage of our 30 day free trial and see what our Spam Filtering solution can do for your sanity not to mention your email. Click Here to contact a Sales Representative.

  • One of the industries’ leading lowest false positive rates
  • Stop wasting time checking your quarantine
  • No more lost business due to lost emails

Why Hard Hat Hosting Anti-Spam Service?

Trusted : HardHatHosting’s spam service uses a anti-spam engine, “MessageIQ” was designed from the ground up to protect your message while taking care of spam, viruses and other email threats.

Proven : For over four years the solution we use has been eliminating spam from email for over 2 million mailboxes world-wide.

Effective : HardHatHosting’s spam service is very effective at killing spam, but the real benefit is in our false positive rates. With one of the industries’ leading false positive rate of less than 1 in 1 million. Some customers have seen only one false positive in over four years of service.

Easy to Use : HardHatHosting’s spam service is a ‘hands off’ system meaning that administrators and end users are not spending time managing the system for rule creation, etc.

Affordable : Our hosted anti-spam service starts at $.99 per user per month for limited introductory offer!

How Does It Work?

HardHatHosting utilizes MessageIQ scan engine a layered approach that maximizes kill rates and minimizes false positives. It does not use any ‘scoring’ or rating systems for identifying spam – those systems are plagued by high false positive rates and are really only ‘guessing’ at spam. And when it comes to protecting your message, guessing isn’t good enough.

The core layer for threat identification are the spam signature files. Those spam signatures are created and managed by human spam editors who look at spam 24x7x365, and we release new spam updates every 5 minutes to ensure that our customers have the latest rule sets to defeat spam attacks as they happen.

Because its signatures are designed around actual identified spam, the system isn’t guessing at identifying incoming email, thus our false positives are the lowest in the industry. Period.

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