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Many online website owners turn to HardHat for performance hosting.  Our accounts are straight forward and designed to perform well under a load of visitors.  And our customer service is top notch in the industry.  At the same time it isn’t always clear what kind of software or applications are supported on our platform to the average website operator.  Anything that requires PHP and MySQL run on our platform because we offer a full LAMP installation (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Pinnacle CartPinnacle Cart is a PHP Shopping Cart application which has been greatly growing in popularity recently.  The most distiguishing feature that we discovered about Pinnacle Cart is it’s simplicity of operation.  We’ve been subjected to tons of different shopping carts.  Anything from the Open Source realm to the very expensive and even on a rare occasion the home grown.  It always seems that most shopping carts require you to have some kind of complicated understanding of the IT world in order to maintain it, or at the very least keep a developer on a retainer close by.

With Pinnacle Cart the hard core developers and IT people that often preach about how they never use anything but the commandline, might not find Pinnacle Cart to be has hard core as they might like.  But for anyone that wants a great shopping cart that is easy to customize and design for, that is easy to maintain and operate and that allows you the time to work on the important aspects of your business, this is it.  Stop pounding your head against the wall trying to figure out where the HTML ends and the template code begins, it might be a better plan to start with something that just plain works.

To quote their website they say:

Our management team has over 30 years of combined sales and marketing experience. We are not techies, by nature. Our background in advertising, marketing and web design has given us a unique perspective on the design of this platform. We created shopping cart software that is easy to use and extremely effective at selling your products.

And that is exactly what the makers of Pinnacle Cart have done.  Easy to use and extremely effective at selling your products, is just what every website owner is looking for.


What is really impressive is that they include many features that are add-ons for other shopping carts.  Impressive upselling capabilities such as recommended products, customers also bought and buy x get y free features are all right at your finger tips ready to use.  Customer relationship management is all built right into the system.  Being able to send newsletters, product updates, allow customers to save carts are all important features.  Pinnacle Cart has even included an impressive one page checkout allowing website owners to minimize cart abandonment for visitors that hate lengthy checkout screens.

If you haven’t taken a look at Pinnacle Cart yet, it’s definitely worth the time.  They offer a demo to experience Pinnacle Cart on their website.  Take a poke around and decide if it’s the shopping cart for you.  And if you decide to combine a powerful shopping cart with a powerful hosting account such as HardHat offers, you will be impressed with the results.

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