Not good but GREAT, client satisfaction results are in.

‘Rock Stars’ ‘Simply Amazing’ ‘We Love Love Love Hard Hat Hosting’

When you hear words like these from the overwhelming majority of your client base, not only are you doing something right, you are doing something great.

This is a small sample selection of the majority from the first round of a customer satisfaction survey. The survey asks the NPS question, followed by the typical questions to measure customer satisfaction in a hosting provider such as; How would you rate Hard Hat Hosting overall, How would you rate our customer service, How would you rate the service uptime, Network Response, etc..

If you are unfamiliar with the NPS system, it is one question that helps you determine if your customers are Promoters (9-10) Passives (7-8) or Detractors (0-6). Promoters are loyal clients to keep buying and refer business. Passives are on the fence and may be compelled by one thing or another to turn into a Promoter or Detractor. Detractors are unhappy clients that can damage your reputation and post negative feedback around the internet. The calculation is done by taking the percentage of promoters, then subtract the percentage who are detractors. As you can see there is much more room for detractors to drive down a score than the opportunity for promoters to raise the score.

What we found out however from our first round with this survey, we are holding a score of 86. A great number to see that 86% of respondents gave us a 9 or 10 score. Now to put this into perspective, in 2013 USAA – Insurance was rated #1 in customer satisfaction with a score of 80 and #2 USAA – Banking at 78. #3 Costco at 78, #4 Apple at 76.

If you are reading this as a client of Hard Hat Hosting, this is very good news which shows you that we have a very sustainable business model. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do with; prompt & professional support, network uptime, managed services, and by never overselling the hardware supporting our VPS services. If you are reading this and are not yet a client of Hard Hat Hosting, we invite you to sign up today. You will soon see the difference in what a customer centric hosting provider can do for you and your business.

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The service from Hard Hat Hosting is remarkable. I have been with other hosting services in the past and am amazed at how fast questions are answered by Hard Hat, the speed for my connection, and that I can’t even remember ever having an outage! The staff goes out of their way to help with things just as a courtesy for us that any other company would not have been willing to do without nickel and diming us to death. Hard Hat is the BEST hosting company I have ever used and I have recommended them to everyone I know.
Fantasia Mining, Inc.


You guys are so awesome. Ever since we switched to Hard Hat we’ve had flawless service, fast, reliable hosting with no problems whatsoever. It’s nice to have finally found a good home for Keep up the great work. Thanks!

Thanks Hard Hat for exceding my expectations for a dedicated host. I’ve been let down in the past by other hosts and your dedication to providing a reliable, high quality service has been a relief. Hard Hat have raised the bar on web site hosting for both reliability and support.

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