How much does Spam Cost your Company Each Month?

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word Spam it always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I really don’t like Spam at all.  To be honest it doesn’t really matter if you are talking about the email or the meat, same feeling for me.  Come to think of it both are kind of similar, in the way that either people really like it or really hate it, not usually much middle ground.  The only people that actually like the spam email though are the people sending it out.  The reason that they send it out is that it works, plain and simple.

A university did a study not to long ago where they calculated the average conversion rate of this kind of email is approximately 0.0008% or some ridiculously low number like that, I may have forgotten a zero in there as if there wasn’t enough of them.  In the name of research they supposedly sent some of their own emails through a bot network.  This is a lot of computers like your own at home that are infected with trojans or spyware that can actually be remotely controlled and used to send spam with, which on a side note is the reason why many ISP’s are blocking port 25 these days.

So even with this conversion rate being ridiculously low, Spammers don’t decide that it’s not worth it, instead they figure they just need to send out many more emails.  Online statistics estimate that about 94% of all email sent, is spam.  The only way we can ever really stop this trend is to do everything we can to block it, ignore it, or stop clicking on the darn things.

So how much is it really costing your company?

Well most people will admit that it is a very big nuisance, but what does it actually cost us?  I know that without proper filters in place I would waste a ton of time on it.  Let’s say every morning you spend about 15 minutes clearing out your spam that you received over the previous evening.  Then lets say you spend another 15 minutes scrolling through your spam folder looking for false positives from the freebie spam filter you’re using that doesn’t work very well.  Then let’s say that at least twice during the day spam comes into your email box and you check the mail to find out it’s nothing and then it takes you 15 minutes to really focus back on whatever you were just working on.

So here we are with a pretty conservative estimate of 1 hour every day wasted on spam messages.  If we estimate 22 working days a month, that’s 22 hours a month.  If you have 5 employees that’s 110 hours a month in your company being wasted on spam.  Just at minimum wage alone we’ve just successfully flushed about $770 each month.

What the best option to recoup this money?

Most of the freebie filters block just as much legitimate mail as the mail you don’t want, which can waste just as much time.  Most companies view expenses as expenses, they cost money, so we want to cut costs to be more profitable correct?

This might work in most scenarios, but as you can tell a cost effective spam solution can have a great return on investment.  The best services out there are actually a separate service from your email and/or web hosting.  Normally it is a service that is a separate server that you will change your MX record to point to so that all mail goes to it first, then it delivers all clean mail back to your actual email server.  This saves you time from even having to download the bad mail in the first place.  There are many services out there that can perform this function.

HardHatHosting offers one of those services with their Enterprise Spam Filtering.  At only 99 cents per email account per month and a false positive rating of one in one million and filtering rules written by real humans updated every 5 minutes, it’s easy to see how a company can recoup the wasted money of lost time and salaries of dealing with spam.

We have a web page set up with more information about our Enterprise Spam Filtering, or as all our customers are well aware pick up the phone and give us a call, we’d be more than happy to answer all your questions and even give you a 30 day free trial.

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