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Designed for the Cloud, Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers is the industry-leading virtualization software for the Cloud and is designed to provide the highest levels of performance, manageability and selfservice.

Hard Hat Hosting has implemented the revolutionary technology, the “Virtual Private Server” or VPS. A VPS is created when a computer is divided into multiple, isolated servers. Each VPS has its own unique domain name (ie: “yourdomain.com”) and performs much like a dedicated server.

More Secure and Stable than Shared Hosting

Unlike shared hosting which stores hundreds of users in the same directory, the data within your VPS cannot be accessed by other users on the same physical server. For added stability, VPS technology completely isolates each VPS, or ‘slice’ with it’s own disk space, and network space.

Just like a dedicated server, each VPS has it’s own independent operating system with isolated instances of Apache (web server), Sendmail (mail server) and all installed software. A crashed application (Apache, Sendmail, MySQL etc.) in another customer’s VPS has no effect on your VPS.

All of our web hosting plans are built on VPS technology which securely isolates your services from other websites on the same server. With the VPS, site owners get full control over all aspects of web site administration:

Secured shell access (SSH)
User-friendly control panel
FTP, mail and aliases management
DNS configuration
Application installation and configuration
IP filtering, backup and remote access configuration
Resource reporting – quota alerts and usage reports
Web server and watchdog services

Comparison Between Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Servers

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting Environment

VPS Hosting
Virtual Private Servers
In an unsecure Shared Hosting Environment all of the accounts on a server are in the same directory and can be viewed by other account holders. Since all accounts share the same operating system and applications, an error on one account will cause the entire server to be rebooted. VPS Technology divides up the disk space and network space, creating a more secure and reliable hosting environment. Each VPS has it’s own operating system. If a VPS on the same physical server crashes it will not affect any of the other accounts on the server.

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