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Usage of SSL continues to boom (with 25% global increase year on year). Growth is being driven by a number of factors – increased online shopping, and therefore websites performing credit card processing, drives a significant part, but there is also growth from a number of other web services and applications now requiring browser based security. Interestingly, approximately only 2% of all domains worldwide currently USE an SSL Certificate, but arguably a lot more actually NEED an SSL Certificate.

As a valued customer this article helps demystify where SSL can and should be used. It also aims to overturn the myth that SSL is really only useful to secure credit card payment transactions. It then goes on to explain why *all* of your website visitors and customers can benefit from the use of SSL technology.

Where should SSL be used?

We share more data about ourselves online than ever before. Every time we send off for a quote, enquire about a holiday via a webform, fill out a newsletter application, log into a social networking site or fire off an e-card… we are sending our personal information out into the Ethernet. One fragment of this data may be pretty useless, but start combining multiple sources and identity stealers build up a pretty accurate picture of who you are. If every webform and login is secured by SSL, identity theft by eavesdropping Internet traffic would be a thing of the past.

To avoid such exposure and risk, each and every website should use SSL. It should be the minimum security standard when collecting and submitting data such as:

  • Online credit card transactions
  • Online system logins, information transmitted via webforms, or protected areas of websites
  • Webmail and applications like Outlook Web Access, Exchange and Office Communications Server
  • Workflow and virtualization applications
  • The connection between an email client and an email server
  • The transfer of files over https and FTP services
  • Hosting control panels logins and activity like Parallels, cPanel and others
  • Intranet based traffic, such as internal networks, file sharing, extranet and database connections
  • Network logins and other network traffic with SSL VPNs

We have partnered with GlobalSign to give you access to all the products and technology to secure any of the above applications. Options such as Wildcard SSL and Unified Communications SSL mean that secondary services (such as can be secured using the same Certificates as the standard The solutions are available from us today.

Helping you meet compliancy

SSL ensures confidentiality and integrity of information, but it also allows you to comply with the regional, national or International regulations on data privacy, security and integrity. Organisations are being driven towards global compliancy mandates like HIPAA and SOX as well as localized legislation on secure communications for companies dealing in healthcare, legal and Government frameworks.
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