Client Testimonials

Hard Hat Hosting has been a great company to work with. We used to work with a different hosting company and had all kinds of issues. We’ve also worked with larger companies that you can never get any help from. Everyone at Hard Hat is on the ball and answers all the questions we have. While not the cheapest, they are moderately priced and overall, I would strongly suggest them.
– Rick

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the service you give. There’s never a problem. You guys are slick. I’m in the IT business and if only things in Australia ran as smoothly as they do at Hard Hat our Aussie lives would be a lot easier. Thanks for the service.
– Mick O’Hara

Working for an Arts organization has taught me how to multitask and to expect to take on new responsibilities at the drop of a hat. My day is split between two jobs within the company and this arrangement affords me little time to focus on configuration or programming errors. The staff at Hard Hat has gone above and beyond with their level of support and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for support and flexibility.
– Maria, Missouri

Hard Hat Hosting is always there when you need them, what else can we say? It’s hosting as tough as us !
– Joel, New York

I greatly appreciate all the help I’ve been getting from you guys since I’ve signed on.
– Jason, Missouri

I have used alot of different web hosting companies and you guys are by far the best value and have the best service around, thanks.
– Scott, Michigan

After months of misery with two other host companies, I have found a home at Hardhat where I feel appreciated and they show concern for my business. Thanks!
– Rod, N. Carolina

The thing that distinguished Hard Hat from the other hosting companies I checked out before signing up was their almost instant responses to my communications, either by email or phone. Their help did not require any 24 hour waiting periods or long email conversations – their staff is accessible and ready for questions, and they were helpful in working through the challenges I was facing as a beginning web-publisher. I’m a very happy customer.
– Sharlynn, Washington

I’m very happy with Hard Hat. Support is really good. I’ll definitely point all my friends towards HHH for hosting.
– Zach, California

I’m very impressed by your quick replies and service level…triple A rating for you.
– Lars, Great Britain

Thank you again. I can’t believe you even called me from your home. I can’t thank you enough! You did a great job…
– A.J., Canada

As a website developer, my success depends upon offering my clients a solid hosting solution. Before finding Hard Hat Hosting, I was always bouncing around from one host to another. It seemed they either could not offer the services I needed or their customer support was a nightmare, taking sometimes days to respond to my questions. Hard Hat Hosting offers, by far, the most complete services and support I’ve ever experienced and they will continue to be the only hosting choice for my business.
– Chris, Missouri

I have only just become a Hard Hat Hosting customer but what I have seen, seems to be incredible. The features are like amazing and the ftp is great also. This is the best host I have seen in a long time.
– Daniel, U.K.

I had an emergency situation after hours when I discovered I had been scammed and locked out of my previous web hosting company. Hard Hat helped me get set up late into the night, answered all my questions and diligently worked with me. I am so grateful and with this kind of service, I will stay with HH for good! Thank you!
– Deidre, California

Really appreciate your excellent support! Will definitely recommend all my friends to host with Hard Hat Hosting!
– Chet, Malaysia

Just a note to say thanks for the unbelievably fast response to my support request. What may have been a very simple task for you would have been a major one for me. I certainly feel blessed to have found a web hosting company with such capable and helpful staff. Knowing that, if needed, help is only an email or a phone call away certainly provides some very welcome stress reduction. Best wishes for your continued and well-deserved success. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone looking for a good web host.
– Gale, Ohio

I have been working with web-based development for years. Due to many frustrations, I decided to try Hard Hat for our new studio website. Hard Hat is undoubtedly the finest hosting organization I have worked with, across the board. Their technical expertise is second-to-none and their support is HANDS DOWN the best I have ever come across. I am switching all of our clients over to Hard Hat, and will use them exclusively from now on. GREAT WORK GUYS!
– Jay , Pennsylvania

I have been with several other hosting companies, usually with some difficulties in billing, access, slowness, downtime, etc. Since I changed to Hard Hat Hosting, I have had no problems at all. Transition was painless, the site is much quicker to load pages, and the value added apps are truly useful and easy to configure. Thanks for all your help. I certainly will suggest your service to others.
– Rich, Illinois

It is very difficult to find hosting services with this level of customer care quality. Hardware, bandwidth, operating system, prices are very important, of course, but is the human factor that makes the difference. Thank you for let we focuse on our business without problems !
– Paolo, Italy

I just wanted to say you provide the fastest service I have ever had, with the best interfaces on the market. I am completely impressed.
– Steven, California

The flexibility that hardhathosting provides is outstanding, and an important plus for those developing non-traditional web applications. The technical support that we received was both prompt and knowledgeable — a contrast to most web hosting organizations.
– Bob, Washington

Hardhadhosting offers the best, prompt, professional service that I have seen of any of the hosting providers. We are very happy with the speed with which we have been able to set things up and get them going. Keep it up and Thanks!
– Nari, California

I’m somewhat new to e-commerce (only been online a little over a year). I’ve switched hosts twice before giving Hard Hat a try. (Too many down-time intervals and poor customer service made me leave the other hosts.) The customer service during my change over is as good or better than what everyone else has said. They’ve gone a step above by offering me extra X-Cart support as well. I feel much more comfortable with the packages Hard Hat offers (disk space and bandwidth vs. price are excellent), and the control panel is better than I’ve seen at other hosts. I feel I’ve made a very good choice.
– Stephen, Michigan

You guys really have your act together!! Technical support is awesome! I am going to move more sites and domains to Hard Hat Hosting without a 2nd thought. Fast response time, prompt & aggressive call backs and – no attitude from your technical support team. You handle your clients with respect. Keep up the good work!
– Jason, Louisiana

I’ve had four other web-host providers and not one of them can hold a candle to Hard Hat Hosting. They offer a great service at a great price. What impresses me most about Hard Hat Hosting is the five star customer service. Others promise 24 hour customer service and can only be found between 9am and 6pm. These guys promise 9am to 6pm but in my experience have delivered much more. That’s doing it right. Another great aspect of Hard Hat Hosting is that they are honest. If they say it’s installed, it’s installed. If something can be done, but they don’t know how, they’ll say so as opposed to dashing your hopes by saying it can’t be done . Thanks guys, You Rock.
– Dave, Texas

Your company has gone way above and beyond to make my hosting experience simple and hassle free. You guys have helped me out with issues that are not even your problems! I do thank you all for the wonderful service and all the help you have given me.
– Ralph, Maine

I opened, my shirt store, on the fly over a year ago and have gone through at least three host companies and hadn’t found one who could manage to keep good uptime or had as accessible a system as Hard Hat Hosting. I am beyond pleased with Hard Hat Hosting and my VDS. I even started the BEARserv internet shopping recommendation service spurred on by my satisfaction with Hard Hat Hosting and look forward to many years with this service. Thank you Hard Hat.
– Dion, Texas

I’ve dealt with several different webhosting companies on several different platforms with my webstores and I’ve seen good, regular and really bad service, but you know what? even with the good ones I have not taken the time to send a thank you mail or anything like that, with you, I’ll take a couple hours if needed. My most sincere thanks to all the staff which have been great and especially to Chris Barnes, that guy has gone the extra mile more than one occasion for me even though he didn’t have to, and that will get you more business and customer loyalty than any other strategy. Congratulations guys, keep up the excellent work!
– Luis, Colorado

I have found that the performance on your system is better than previous ones I have used, and this is critical to the project I have hosted with you. Again, thanks, and keep up the excellent work.
– Ray, California

Thanks Hard Hat for exceding my expectations for a dedicated host. I’ve been let down in the past by other hosts and your dedication to providing a reliable, high quality service has been a relief. Hard Hat have raised the bar on web site hosting for both reliability and support.
– David, New Zealand

A thousand words wouldn’t be enough to express my gratitude and appreciation for the prompt support and detailed knowledge you’ve provided! You’ve truly proven to be everything a merchant looks for in a host, and more! Thanks again!
– Jake, California

I would just like to say that in all the many years I have had a business online I have never experienced such helpful and proficient support as I have experienced with Hard Hat these few months. You guys really have gone beyond the call of duty with support for my server and I want you to know that it is much appreciated. Thanks again so very much.
– Lisa, California

I’m impressed with the fast, personal service I get from Hard Hat. Keep up the good work!
– Elliott, Missouri

You guys are so awesome. Ever since we switched to Hard Hat we’ve had flawless service, fast, reliable hosting with no problems whatsoever. It’s nice to have finally found a good home for Keep up the great work. Thanks!
– Ken, Massachusetts

Having used Hard Hat Hosting for nearly a year now I cannot praise their customer service highly enough. Each and every time I have had a query or problem (usually self induced) they have responded quickly, courteously and resolved the issue immediately. I have no hesitation in recommending Hard Hat Hosting.
– John, Ireland

I haven’t had more than a few minutes of down time in 2 years with Hard Hat! Before finding Hard Had, an ecommerce site I manage had hosting that was down from Christmas Day through New Year’s Day and my contact couldn’t get it fixed. There is a difference!
– Michael , Wyoming

Right on, you guys are rock stars! Thanks for getting back to me so darn fast.
– Kerry, California

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